This is where traditional publishing is going

not write free_edited-1Received by over 200 traditionally published authors by email this morning:

For 22 years, Idiot’s Guides have been making printed information “As Easy As It Gets!” We are very excited to announce that our same commitment to making things easy carries over to the web, with the launch of a brand new

The new represents a shift in the publishing industry whereby content consumers and content contributors are one in the same. People will continue to come to the site to find helpful Quick Guides on topics t
hey want to learn about, but starting today they’ll be able to create their very own Quick Guides on anything they are passionate about, as well as edit, rate and comment on the work of others.

The new site is a true community, based on the simple idea that if you make it easy for people to write what they know and care about, and make it easy for others to refine that content, the resulting Quick Guides will improve continuously over time and become more discoverable to people looking for quality information.

As a published author, we’d like to invite you check out the site and contribute your expertise and passions. Please give it  a look at, and by all means feel free to write your own Quick Guide!

So basically, the publisher is asking their authors to begin submitting content to their website FOR FREE.

What is wrong with this picture? 


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